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International investors

Fidextra can assist you in managing your business activities based in France :

  • either in the context of a full engagement (covering accounting, tax, and human resources matters), throughout the year, while working in concert with your usual advisers,
  • or under a special purpose engagement, while working in conjunction with your French service providers.

Our firm can communicate and liaise with your teams and advisers in French or in English, depending on where they are located, and can draw up reports in English, whenever necessary.

Our areas of expertise include :

  • accounting services
  • taxation services
  • payroll and human resources management services
  • management tools
  • internal audits and statutory audits

Accounting services

We can help you collect and maintain all of your vital financial and accounting information, through the following services:

  • Recording accounting transactions (data entry and classification of accounting documents)
  • Accounting oversight, support and review
  • Preparation of interim statements and annual balance sheets
  • Preparation of financial statements

We can deliver these services in their entirety (under a delegation of authority to perform accounting functions); or, we can provide accounting support while working alongside your accounting department (in an accounting oversight support capacity), according to your internal resources and infrastructure, as your needs dictate.  


Taxation services

  • Periodic tax declarations: VAT, territorial tax, payroll tax, tax filing document, etc.
  • Assistance in the event of a professional tax audit
  • Applications and declarations for Research Tax Credits
  • Personal tax filings for inpatriate senior executives


Payroll and human resources management services

We help you to ensure continued compliance with French labor and social security law requirements, which are complex and ever changing. The scope of our accounting engagement on such matters can include:

  • Entry of new data or reading-in of previously entered data regarding variable payroll components, preparation of payroll statements
  • Payroll oversight, and preparation of statistical and analytical statements
  • Periodic filings of declarations of payroll deductions (for social security) with administrative authorities
  • Annual summary statements
  • Administration of working-hours data: paid leave, overtime, etc.
  • Assistance in case of a labor or social security audit

As is the case with our accounting services, we can handle your payroll management needs in their entirety (under a delegation of authority) or provide support only intermittently to your internal departments. 


Management Tools

We can help you implement planning, projection and forecasting tools for effective decision-making, by assisting with:

  • Preparation of forecast financial statements
  • Preparation of financial plans
  • Drafting of budgets (operating budgets, cash flow budgets, etc.)
  • Monitoring cash flows
  • Interim financial information
  • Calculation of cost allocation
  • Implementation of key performance indicators and associated reporting requirements
  • Help in selecting an accounting information system
  • Help in selecting an HR information system


Internal audits and statutory audits

Our engagements also extend to statutory audits, where we seek to certify that financial statements fairly present the firm‘s financial position.

Also, at your request, we can provide additional complementary services:

  • Audit of the effectiveness of your internal control procedures over financial reporting
  • Limited review or audit of half-year financial statements
  • Acquisition audit in case of a takeover

If the situation warrants, we can also offer our expertise in the context of related engagements required by law:

  • Certification of consolidated financial statements
  • Statutory audits of capital contributions
  • Statutory audits of mergers
  • Statutory audits of business transformations