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The Fidextra Team
Chartered accountants in Lyon

Our experts

Hervé Durand

FIDEXTRA’s manager

Hervé Durand, FIDEXTRA’s manager, is a chartered accountant and statutory auditor. A graduate of HEC Paris, Hervé has developed expertise in assistance with company transfers and takeovers.  His previous and current experience in company management enables him to assist entrepreneurs with their strategy concerns.

Nicolas Corsani

Chartered accountant

Nicolas Corsani is a chartered accountant and statutory auditor. In addition to his work as a chartered accountant, he has in-company accounting experience.

Nicolas is particularly interested in legal issues, assisting managers in the running of their companies, and statutory auditing.

Our people


Our team spirit

Our human-sized company places a high value on team spirit – a strong source of motivation for our employees. Each of them contributes their own experience in chartered accountancy and/or business, so that everybody further expands their knowledge and knowhow.

Our employees are versatile; able to work on different kinds of dossiers in a wide variety of professional settings spanning industry, self-employed professionals, retailers, builders, and more.

They enjoy a high degree of autonomy in how they handle their assignments, coupled with an internal control and cross review system. All gain additional expertise from their colleagues and benefit from regular training sessions.

Our staff are keenly aware of the importance of a good long-term personal relationship with your people, and familiarise themselves with the specific characteristics and challenges of your business.